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Originally Posted by Samari View Post
Hey where is Wingdarkness with his weekly bitchfest about the 49ers?
LMAO, I guess your "Ignore Function" is on Kami's lookout ...

And no, please don't compare Allhax Smith to Breesus (if that's him), for your own sake...

Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
I'd like to extend my thanks to the 49ers, Panthers, and Chargers for helping to elevate the Patriots to the top of the AFC. I'm still nervous about Miami, but with home games against them and Buffalo, I can see the Pats at 13-3 in a couple of weeks time.
And I'd like to extend my middle finger to all of the people responsible for yet again allowing New England to somehow, someway, teamy-teamy-team their way to 1st place in the AFC...The only thing more sickening would be to watch this unfold with a bowl of chowder...

The team is basically 2 TE's, 1 WR, a rightarm and a brain (because the rest of Tom Brady's body is worthless)..The defense is so bad, so utterly horrid, to think Bill Belechick gets a pass on the last 8 years of defensive draft picks boggle's the SPINE...But they still win cuz they just don't make the crucial mistake, and that mofo does more with a bag of bruised fruit than a 5-star chef ever could...
Fly since ...

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