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Originally Posted by ChainLegacy View Post
Heh, heh, heh.... suck it. And you're telling me Brady is just an arm and a brain? Have you seen his moves in the pocket? He's like a damn tunafish slipping through defenders sometimes. He's immobile as hell outside of the pocket, but inside it's freaking hard to tackle the guy. He takes a step to the right, drops his shoulder, etc.. always seems to break sacks and have laser-focus downfield....
Let me remind you how 18-1 was made possible. And no, I'm not referencing that Tyree catch.


The way to beat the Patriots had been made simple since that day. And the Jets made a show of that last year in the divisional round. Could anyone this year pull off that same feat of keeping Brady on the ground and/or off the field?

The Ravens can - if at home. And the Niners. Oh look, both Harbaugh teams. I'm willing to say the Steelers as well, barring Big Ben's foot.
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