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Originally Posted by amaterasu4 View Post
Man I thought that this movie was suffering GT syndrome since everybody but Goku is useless but if that spoiler it's true....

"Do you write things down when you come up with those ideas and background stories?
Akira Toriyama: No, I donít, thatís why I forget a lot. If I donít forget those ideas, then I wonít need to come up with new ideas. Do you remember Super Saiyan 3?

Yes, I remember, Goku grows his hair long.
Akira Toriyama: Thatís right, but actually I forgot about it and I thought that was Super Saiyan 2, even though I created those characters"
Wow. Guess Toriyama really stopped caring back in the Buu saga.

Also this must have been where Toriyama got the idea for Super Saiyan God


Instead of the "False SSJ" with a berserk mode and all white eye and a yellow powerup. He went for an all red Goku with Kai-oh-ken style powerup similar to Mystic Gohan. As said in the previous comments I also really do think that the old Kai knows the SSJ God and trained Gohan to be similar to it.

Iam pretty sure that 6 SS gathering will be so similar to where Trunks,Bra,Gohan,Goten lend their powers to Vegeta-Baby where they spin around while Vegeta Baby absorbs their Saiyan energy to powerup.
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