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Originally Posted by Pro Gamer View Post
I Use This
Style Xp 3.19 : for logon screen
Windowblinds 5.1 : Visual Styles, Explorer Bar Icons, Copy/Delete etc Animation
Icon Packager : change my icons on thos beautiful black ones
Objectdock PLUS : hides taskbar, desktop icons
LogonBooutUIRandomizer ; change my bootscreen, currently mine is like that vista, w/ only the loading screen, eg. microsoft corporation
Quickchanger ; switches wallpapers easily, automatically changes every 1 min/depends on how you set it.
Rainmeter :
Rainlendar :
TweakUI : puts a background image on my explorer bar

Back when I had windows, that would have killed my computer. That's an insane amount of programs to change your UI.
Right now all I have is the BricoPack and WindowBlinds 5.1 on my Windows XP BootCamp partition.

Sorry if I sounds harsh, but I just got finished with a half-hour argument on IRC about the security in Mac, Linux, and Windows.
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