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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
This is what I am clamping down on.

Look, I realize people are pissed at me so I'll just be upfront and clear as best as I can be. There are two elements of this topic that I believe are not useful to discussion on our forums. First, is the belief we never should have gone. Second, is the extreme display of national pride to the point of putting down anyone who disagrees with you.

Now I have no issue with people discussing things in civil terms. What does it mean now that he's dead, or is it really his body? That sort of stuff.

Posting just to cheer or jeer is not acceptable since such posts openly invite bad behavior. Simple as that. If such posts occur, report them instead of responding to them.
I doubt many are pissed, just trying to avoid a ban as so many of us are afraid of getting on this website, lol. So wanted to really figure out what's allowed and what's not.

Thanks for clearing that up a little, saying that, it certaintly deserves it's own thread then for civil discussion, but I'll leave that to someone else and pop back in here when things have calmed down some.

I suspect many Americans won't be sleeping tonight anyways...

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