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Yeah that guy who look like Komatsu is his childhood friend, Ume. Also he sooo resembles to Komatsu and makes me think that are they brother?! If they turn out to be brother then I'd be no suprised since their appearance and their temparement, behavior looks alike :3

Anyways so there total 49 festival that held so far and Zaus and Setsuna are the ones who dominates the whole competetion as expected but I also like to know who are the rest 6 guy who held the champion title in the past too. I don't think this festival will be delivering good results due to Bishokukai's interruption. Even they don't interfere with the festival until it's end I don't think Komatsu going to get first place or would get first top ten since he is up againist the world class chief. He is young but yeah he is skilled and bleesed with food luck but moreover he will be up againist Ume too. This festival really going to be interesting and it's a shame that the manga will be on hiatus in the next week :<
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