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I was wondering how Komatsu going to handle the rest of the competition but it looks like Branchi going to help him and they even formed tag team and taking their sweet time but it looks like with the strenght of Branch they are going to take over other chiefs. Anyways I am really enjoying this arch simply because the idea itself. I wonder how and what kind of battle Zatsu and Setsuno going to put.

I also like how popular shounen mangas have long-nosed characters like Usopp from One Piece even though he is not Tengu, lol. I am really liking Branchi so far and I hope he make a cambo with Zebra in the future and the rest of the Heavenly Kings like Sani and Coco find their own cambos as well. Zebra and Branchi can get along well. Their temparement fits so well imo. And I hope Sani find someone who resembles to his own character like how he is rambling about this beauty and harmony stuff. That would be reall cool and hilarious, heh.
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