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Originally Posted by IkuzeMinna View Post
I'm leaning toward another 'Milliardo'.
Kidding aside, was it said anywhere that there was a regular one? It would be kind of surprising, seeing as the original Epyon was last seen blowing up (on) Libra.

Huh, I just noticed that so far Wu Fei is the only old pilot in FT. Not counting Zechs. If that guy even has a suit to pilot. But does that mean Kathy Po gets no MS? I'm kind of forgetting what the point in introducing her was. Wasn't she supposed to be part of Operation Mythos? (correct me if I'm missing something)
Could be.

Judging by the picture Kitsoru posted, it looks the original Epyon.

I doubt Kathy gets in a cockpit but it's certainly possible. She's definitely part of Operation Mythos. All the viewing of historic files had to be for something.
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