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Originally Posted by Midonin View Post
I checked the picture in question, and it's actually very well drawn. Despite being a monochrome image, the art is very expressive, and you can still tell who the characters are. Not to mention if curves on top of curves, simply doing a little petting, is your description of "gross", then I really have to wonder. Even if you can't appreciate the content, from an artist's perspective, it's one of the better pictures made for the series. are talking about the "that" one are you? ......... no.. no you cant be talking about that one. suuure the art talent is great... but what goes on in it... just disgusts me maybe not others and I wont judge,just not mah thaang~.

No i think we should just end any disgussion of this right now.

anyways, it makes me giggle that you would think a little petting is gross to me, oh you~

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