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A large part of the reason for the lack of character development was that Dog Days suffered from classic "Too Many Characters" syndrome. They got away with that, sort of, in Nanoha StrikerS because there had been two full series previous to it, so they could concentrate on just the four new characters. But a brand new series with roughly as many major and significant minor characters as it has episodes doesn't leave any time to focus on each of them.

And I agree with your insight on the problem with the show's climax. This really did feel like a 26 episode plot shoehorned into a 12 episode show.
My favorites series have an absolute tons of characters(One piece, Negima). It's all about how they are used and the number of episode. I really feel like that they didn't do much in those 11 episode. In fact the biggest problem is that that anime needed more characters. It badly needed baddies. Anyone feel satisfied over the evil sword as the big bad evil guy? At least i don't.
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