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Originally Posted by haguruma View Post
Sakakibara Seito is the name of a 14 year old child murderer who killed in Kobe in 1997. Sakakibara is therefore the same age and shares the family name with Kouichi.
This is one of those instances where being able to read kanji makes a lot of difference. The real-life "Sakakibara" was 酒鬼薔薇. It wasn't a real name as much as it was an alias people came up with to tag the boy murderer whose actual identity had been kept secret. Contrast this with Kouichi's surname, 榊原. So, it isn't that the boys had the same "name", but rather that their "names" shared the same sound.

While it would have been a lot better had the anime made this link clear, I can at the same time understand why it was left out. The "connection" has so far had no bearing whatsoever on the plot. In a novel or manga, it's possible to leave a footnote at the bottom of the page to explain the similarity. In anime, that isn't possible, unless you add exposition that would be unnecessary if it had no relevance to the story.
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