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At this point, I find myself half-wishing that a certain silver-haired vagrant medicine man would emerge from an uroana somewhere in the hills and walk into town to tell everyone: DON'T PANIC!

The various phenomena are just the work of extremely basic life forms that can't be seen with normal eyes, he'd say. They aren't to blame for the tragedy they cause; they are simply going about their daily existence, oblivious to whatever effect they have on humans. Some of these life forms can even be beneficial; I should know, he'd say, because I have injected one particular strain into a glass eye and turned it into a bona fide organic eye! It only looks miraculous, but once you get to know the life form responsible for the transformation, it's all actually very scientific, he'd add.

But the young man, who has a penchant for Eddie Bauer trench coats it seems, would readily concede that one particular life form is causing a lot of inadvertent harm and must therefore be removed for everyone's safety. I'd understand, he'd say, because I once had to "kill" this fungus-like creature that caused a woman to become barren and then impersonated human children so as to be adopted by the grief-stricken lady. It's a tough choice, but human life must unfortunately take precedence over the life form's right to existence, he'd admit reluctantly.

He'd then round up a few Yomiyama locals, including the students of Class 3-3, and explain another counter-measure that would deal with the malignant life form for good. Then all would become fine and dandy and just as an unreasonable number of women start falling in love with him, the silver-haired man would mutter something about attracting more trouble to the area and how even veteran travellers would go soft if they stay in one place too long, and then disappear into the woods again and return to his usual wandering on the other end of the apparently-supernatural-but-actually-totally normal uroana.

The End.
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