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Well, let's not forget that Moka's choker is most likely a part of Moka's seal as well, and for now, it doesn't looks like Moka's choker has been broken.

The choker might also be the place, where Outer Moka's personality is well "stored", when Tsukune removes the Rosario.

Naturally, with the Rosario being broken, Inner and Outer Moka would have no medium to communicate with each other, not to mention that Outer Moka would no longer be capable of becoming the dominant personality, but it pretty much depends on what Ikeda is going to do in the fallowing few chapters, since not every mystery surrounding Moka's seal have been revealed yet.

After all, do you remember Tohou Fuhai's statement from chapter 29 of the Second Season - that Moka's seal isn't a seal to "suppress power", since I don't think the actual answer to that statement have been revealed yet.

So, I wouldn't state that Outer Moka is gone yet, since there are still a few things that, in my opinion, need to be revealed about the Rosario that Moka wears, although the situation between Inner and Outer Moka, is most likely going to change, as a result of Akua's current actions.
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