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Originally Posted by Suki90 View Post
Yup, and he would lived more if he wasn't murdered by Hagoromo Gitsune.

I think that Rikuo's human form is going to stop aging when he reach a certain age. I mean, Rihan's human form was the same even after 250 or 300 years. I know he's a hanyou, half demon, but even with that his human part can always being affected, but it seems that his human form grew until some age and then stopped.

To conclude my first post xD: Rikuo can be inmortal thanks to his youkai blood and his fear, his human form maybe'll age until a certain point and then it'll stop.
Rikuo a special half demon/human though. He fought a being who is consider god in this series. Rikuo = age 25 = GG

Over many of years, Tsurara will be with Rikuo still. Awaiting her time, when the lord of the night develops a onee chan fetish with Tsurara

What I want is a new series where Rikuo/harem kids are the main focus. 3-4 sisters and 1 brother. LOL and slowly introduce each of those sisters their hot wacky friend to their brother (1+ harem). Rikuo/Tsurara/Yura/Kana/new girls = incest + battle manga + harem + romance (hopefully) = super sales!
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