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BTW anyone want to translate the convo between Milly and lulu (+ the person who shows up during the middle of it) I was really curious about that.
ok here you go..

My translation:
Lulu: I am working on something, if I can get a break from the club for a while..
Mily: I guess you can do don't tell me its about your (prince) identity.
Lulu: No, thats won't be revealed. Only people that know that I am alive is only the Asford.
Mily: Asford huh.....
Lulu: hmm? why?
Mily: Luluche, its another marriage meeting for me again. This time I don't think I can avoid it. Ne, what do you think I should do?
Lulu: well.. that's..

Shirley: President~
I think that's pretty much the meat part.. Shirley's part is bs.

Anyway, I just watched the raw theses are some points to note:
- This episode is mostly about CC and Lulu.

- As we suspected, Geass doesn't work on CC. Luluche ends up stating some bold statement for nothing.. "Don't go. Stay with me CC!" -_- well at least he tries...

- "Congratuation!~ and good bye" from CC rocks.. The Seiyuu really know how to voice it.

- Mao's geass has 500 meters range. (double of Lulu). Lulu knows how to come up with a plan to fight him. "CC is my thing (CC is mine). I have seen parts of her that you havn't seen. I totally have her."... Lulu sure make some wild claim there -_-;; or is it?

- Mao and compact ideal of CC is beyond imagination -_-;; wonder if CC can revive again if she get chopped up.

- I feel a bit pity for Mao. CC is the only "human" he knows.

- CC and Lulu had a fight...sort of. She still went out to see Mao because he treathen to reveal lulu identity. She actually break the contract with Lulu so that he wouldn't get killed. You are too nice to this brat, CC -_-;; Lulu didn't plan this btw. He learned that she is doing it for him listening to voice mail, thus he need to save her no matter what.

- well.. Lulu and CC make up in the end. The contract is formed this time again and it is both direction this time. Lulu promise to grant CC wish along with his own, and he won't fail.

- Loyld is actaully Hakkshaku (I think it means "Count"). Now we are getting somewhere in term of his identity.

- Susaku passes the mental test. The score is almost to high in certain area. The doctor asked him about his father and said that he was a great man. Sasuku said nothing.

- Todou and co. is discovered by Britania army. They probably will be forced to join zero soon.

- Next episode. CC and her new cos-play. (again). This time its office lady. well.. so far we have... CC in yukata, CC in stylish prisoner white suit, CC in her under suit, CC in T-shirt, CC in school swimming suit, CC in Lulu's crappy shirt, CC in loli goth, CC in her fashion suit, CC in chinese suit, CC in European clothes in the ending, CC as a sister. lol how many will we have by the time this series end. Now we are at 12 lol. (average almost 1 costume/episode)


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