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Originally Posted by Mueti View Post
I have to admit that this is actually something I'm looking forward to. I think it'll be a very interesting experience to immediately be percieved as a "foreigner", which isn't exactly a common thing for a white person (not for me anyway).
Chances are it will be getting on my nerves soon enough after all but I'm still kind of anticipating it.
I've experienced this many, many times. (T_T) I don't think one can ever fully get used to the, "oh, you know the language?" and "you speak so well!" as it occures over and over and OVER every single day, with every new person you meet, but you do (hopefully) develop ways to keep yourself sane. For me, I just don't answer them. If it feels too rude at the moment, quickly change the subject and pretend you didn't hear them. You're already going to hear the same questions and phrases of astoundment over and over; you shouldn't have to repeat the same answers over and over, IMO. (I may be too harsh on this, but those questions *will* make you go insane if you don't find some way of coping!)

You have to keep in mind that they're just trying to be friendly, and in some cases, those annoying questions are their ice-breaker to you (a lame way to start a conversation eh?). As long as you don't snap at them and drive them away, it's a good way to make friends and become familiar with people. It's even better if you're together with a friend whom you met because they asked the questions, and then you get asked them by another stranger, because then you can both just laugh at how silly it is.
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