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And by the way, a person having an abstract quality such as competence actually cannot be verified in reality. It's unfalsifiable
it's absolutely falsiable. If you claim someone is incompetent he just needs to prove his competence to falsify the statement. Of course it is to assume that someone who truly is incompetent cannot possibly perform well in the specific task not to a degree that can't simply be attributed to dumb luck.
We have statistic for that and tests based on statistic. If you think anything in the human knowledge can assume a level higher to a stastic probability except for things that humans themselves invented you are a fool.

The fact that competence and incompetence aren't a binary state doesn't change my point. A lot of things couldn't be classified as true or false according to your logic just because they aren't a binary.

According to your distorted logic I couldn't even say that I'm happy or sad or that a particular student has good grades or that people are free or prisoners.

You also seem to forget that the nature of red truths is trascendental by definition. Most of them wouldn't be verifiable in any way in a real scenario. So your arguing about verifiability is completely pointless.

When I mentioned the anti-mystery letter earlier, this is exactly what I was getting at.
Look back at my example with the knowledge of arc 1-2-3-4 but not 5-6-7-8. This is pretty much what the letter is talking about. Ryuukishi used the example of "the secret files of Watanagashi/Meakashi, that even a writer could not predict their own future. This inability to do so makes "the truth" something that can be redefined and changed after, making it even less absolute then in the real world.
In narrative you can create absolute truths and you can destroy them. But usually authors know better than destroy the truths that have precedently established.

The fact that some authors don't know any better, doesn't mean that there's never been a a story with absolute truths. Most stories have them.

Edit: Think of Lambda Delta, the Witch of Certainty, who knows that it does not exist.
Think of why she is needed for Beatrice's game to work.
I think you are confusing bern with Lambda. I don't remember Lambda ever saying that certainty doesn't exist. If she did, please quote

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