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It's entirely relevant because objective freedom may exist, but if it does, absolutely no agent is free. You're not, I'm not, nobody is. We have physical, biological, social, and circumstantial limitations on what we can do. I would like to travel to an alien planet. No one is preventing me from taking steps to do so. However, I physically can't do it. I am not absolutely free.
Nobody is absolutely free, but that doesn't mean we can't be objectively definied as "free" using the common acception of the word.

Definitions themselves aren't objective, but once they are set, you can make objective statement using them. Of course your statements will be only objective using the preset definitions.

the only fair assessment of his insufficiency Beatrice can make is her own personal subjective one.
That's not necessarily subjective if it adheres to a common definition of incompetence.

"Convention" has no place in red truth assuming fact statements made in red are supposed to be axiomatically true.
If you were to take it to such a degree then there is no possible way to make any red truth, because any red truth has to rely to definitions that can be at best widely accepted. But there is no such a thing as an absolute definition. Definitions change over time and they are arbitrarily created by people.

I think we discussed before that red truths in order to work should use the most common definitions and when they do not, the new definitions should be clearly specified.

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