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I doubt it's canon and all (though 'canon' becomes a pretty lulzy notion when it comes to Meta-World shenanigans), but I do recall during the extra tip, "Beatrice's White Day", Battler made a predictive Red Truth “I will never ever, from this day forward, get you something for White Day!”

And Beato went all moe about it, and they bullshitted around it with the uncontested blue truth "White Day is the on the same day as Valentine’s Day, just a month later. So, tomorrow, when the man accepts your chocolate, he’ll reciprocate a month from the day it’s given.”

I can't quote a specific source, but I think someone (possibly Lambda) mentioned, or maybe it was implied, that using the red truth in certain ways was "vulgar" or "unrefined", and thus looked down upon and avoided, like using it to predict the future. It sort of fits the whole author thing to the degree that "If you say something about the future of your series, you have to keep your word, and you might create a situation that's hard to write your way out of". Like, bad example, Miss Rowling had red truth'd early on Dumbledore will not die during the series. I mean, I guess you can, but why place that kind of arbitrary limitation on yourself, unless it's someting like the Decalogue, which serves to prove you're "playing fair" with your readers?

I mean, I guess it's a little more nuanced than that, because Umineko deals with mystery, based on a ruleset, and fantasy, based on the lulz. I just sort of assumed that predictive red truths were true - Dlanor declared that certain things would NEVER exist, IIRC - they're just generally avoided as a rule, because they can make things awkward as the tale gets longer and more restricted by what came before.

As far as the cackling, well, it's not like they were ... lies. So... It's not that I never think to question the red's validity, but, geez. I'm pretty sure Battler was certainly incompetent at that time
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