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Question : Wouldn't the train system have a grounding or something to direct the current from the thunderstrike?
They do. Most of the "reason" that came out of the official media is just government lie. Many points has been called into question about this. If the thunderstorm has caused a power line failure, then why should there be a second train moving at top speed on the same track (hence the same power line)? One may argue that the thunder might cause the failure of the engine of the first train, which is also debatable(except the argument is more technical that I don't recall).

If what I quoted in my previous post is to be believed, then the thunderstorm did cause the computer system to mark large areas of the track as "red zone" (by design or malfunction), hence it refuses to let train to move. Since the government has caught a lot of flak from the last time that Beijing-Shanghai high speed train was brought to a halt by another thunderstorm, the decision was to let the train to move no matter what. The computer system was shut down, together with the safety system, the train was pretty much invisible to all other trains on the track. The quote also mentioned that the command from the coordination station to the first train was to ignore all the red signals, and drive at 20km/h. There seems to be something wrong with the (CTCS system?) of the second train, but they order it to go ahead no matter what.

From what I gathered somewhere else, the second train was delayed. If it was on time, it should be ahead of the first train, which it crash into.

Anyway, the thunderstorm was pretty severe, according to the witness, but I am 100% certain that it is more of an human error than technical failure. The brazen breach of the safety code and the ignorance of human lives are just appalling. The government handling of the aftermath is just absurd. Do they think they are fooling anyone?
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