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Originally Posted by Tsuyoshi View Post
He's just asking to be assassinated by disgruntled Muslims. To appear in public after massacring so many people and condemning Muslims for colonizing Europe is just going to incite their own rage. Now I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists, I'm saying someone may do something in retaliation and he's taking too big a risk for himself.
Seeing as how the vast majority of the people killed were not Muslims, I think it's more likely that some grief-stricken parent, brother or lover would take revenge, but I highly doubt that anything like that will happen at all. I'm sure there will be very strict measures taken to avoid just that.

Originally Posted by Tsuyoshi View Post
He's only gonna feed the cycle of violence more with what he did and what he wants to do.
He wants to feed the cycle of violence. I'm repeating myself, but he wants to be a forerunner to the next great European conflict; a civil war that'll last almost a century. If he can stir up more tensions in the already fickle relations between (among others) Muslims and native Europeans, he feels his job is done.
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