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The moron also made a statement that he based a good portion of his training with games like Modern Warfare, Call of Duty and (of all things) World of Warcraft.

It makes me facepalm just thinking about it, then newspapers and anti-violence lobby groups (like the ACL) are all like 'This is evidence against violent games!' which makes me start head butting a wall.

He's going for a grand-slam of ticking people off with everything he's done and said so far.

When I first heard about the train crash I thought it would have been for sure that mag-lev one. Those things are barely out of testing afaik. Though they would have more quality control since I believe the cars are manufactured in... Germany? Britain? Either way, I'm not really surprised that there was a crash. There just doesn't seem to be the same level safety or quality present in China as there are in other countries.
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