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When I first heard about the train crash I thought it would have been for sure that mag-lev one. Those things are barely out of testing afaik. Though they would have more quality control since I believe the cars are manufactured in... Germany? Britain? Either way, I'm not really surprised that there was a crash. There just doesn't seem to be the same level safety or quality present in China as there are in other countries.
But whatever technology you have, the train can only go as safe as the people who run it. Rumor has it that the Beijing-Shanghai high speed track was not suppose to open till October so they have 3 month to test the equipments and make adjustments. But some ass-kisser in the higher up order it to open around July 1st to be in time to celebrate the 90th birthday of CCP. There is also the reckless push for #1 in the world in speed despite safety concerns (see Jinto's remarks).
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