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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
He's done an amazing amount of damage to HIS OWN CAUSE or the cause of people concerned about the trends of un-assimilated immigration on Europe. Now he's just confirmed people's suspicions that anyone who points out these real issues must be "crazy and dangerous".
You are absolutely correct, I've thought a great deal about this. Like you said, a lot of people will now view anyone with right-wing views as suspicious, and anyone who utters similar opinions as potentially dangerous. In addition, some people who are "on the fence" politically will probably be pushed farther to the left.

Whether you're left, right, or somewhere in between, I'm sure we can all agree that ideally people should hold their political views not out of fear, but as a result of rational consideration of what they truly think would be best and most just for society. After all, it's this very fear that most likely drove him to commit this atrocity.
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