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This (requoted from Echoes):
He's done an amazing amount of damage to HIS OWN CAUSE or the cause of people concerned about the trends of un-assimilated immigration on Europe. Now he's just confirmed people's suspicions that anyone who points out these real issues must be "crazy and dangerous".
I truly hope your right but I'm not so sure. This event is going to polarize the debate between left and right in Europe even further. Left wing parties accross Europe have been on the losing side in recent elections are now blaming (far) right wing politicians for creating such a terrorist, while the right is taking offence of being associated with Breivik and in turn blame the left for creating the immigrant issues in the first place. If news message boards are any indication this polarization effect is already taking place.

Targeting kids who supported labor, instead of muslims has created a sense of extreme shock and disgust but hasn't created more public sympathy for the latter. This smells of cold insane calculation rather then the rabid hate of neo-nazi groups. I hope the media aren't going to be manipulated to give his guy a world stage to spread his hate message.
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