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Originally Posted by zarqu View Post
His lawyer says that "he has a different understanding of reality than other people."
There's actually a pretty interesting story behind his lawyer. Straight from the get-go, he apparently had trouble making even the vaguest of positive statements about his client. I believe his first statement to the press after having a conversation with Breivik was "I have trouble giving you a coherent summary of any of the things he has told me."

The interesting part is, however, that this is the same lawyer who defended the accused in an infamous racially motivated murder 10 years ago. The accused was convicted and is currently serving a long sentence. (17 years iirc.) I actually passed the monument set up in honor of the victim the same day the choice of lawyer was announced. Breivik requested that this man defend him personally, further adding to the lawyer's already dubious reputation. Defending a racist murderer ten years ago might not seem like that big of a deal for a lawyer, but keep in mind that racially motivated murders (and murders in general) are exceedingly rare in Norway, and they tend to stay in the social consciousness for quite a while when they do happen.
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