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I don't really see a realistic (Like realism had a place in this series, but work with me here) way for him to to be able to "bend" them back. As far as I know the only way Kinji has been redirecting attacks was via bullets hitting bullets, or by using his hand technique thing that he made naming it a random English word I don't remember. The only way I see him properly deflecting a laser beam is if he used Kaname's laser sword thing, or if Sherlock's blade he took (Has he even used that thing?) suddenly has anti-laser qualities all of a sudden. With that said I'm pretty sure in the end the author will come up with another hax ability Kinji can use to bend laser beams...

*Edit* (Slightly off-topic point)

Off topic but does anyone else feel a bit disappointed about how the romantic plot line is going. Despite all the things Kinji experiences with the other heroines he always goes back to Aria in the end. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that Aria is one of the least developed of the cast. I know that Aria has to stay in her character status as a Tsundere love interest and all that, but it is still irritating that after all this time she hasn't changed her treatment of the protagonist at all. She always misunderstands the situation, she never tries to hear Kinji out, she always places all the blame on Kinji, and she always resorts to violence to solve her issues when a simple talk would have solved the problem in minutes. I know those things are just how a Tsundere character normally behaves, but there are plenty of characters who fit the archetype that broke this trend after their character development (A good example being Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku, who eventually becomes smart enough to understand that, 9 times out of 10, it is most likely a misunderstanding.)

I guess the point I'm trying to get at in my little rant is that while, its nice that the author is introducing new love interests and keeping the Harem theme going, I always feel like its pointless; because in the end Kinji will go back to Aria. She was the first girl the reader is introduced to, her name is the title of the series, so it will most likely end on the Aria route. I am still holding onto the thin hope the author doesn't go with the most obvious love interest, but with the way its going it seems like a loss cause...
This is hidan no aria we are talking about, logic no longer applies....and well the name of the novel is "Hidan no Aria", I really doubt Kinji going to end up romantically with anyone other than Aria, Harem maybe, other heroines? No
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