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Originally Posted by s07195 View Post
Anyways, I finished Michi Random a week ago, and I still can't believe that the solution to Iori's problem was
Spoiler for AGAIN?:
Well, here's the difference though... It didn't work XD
Iori 's a much tougher nut to crack XDD
I mean, it still took
to snap Iori out of it.

Edit: You know, the more I think of it, the more I feel the anime really shouldn't have included Inaban on the bridge scene. Yea sure it makes the 'friendship' aspect better, but in the overall picture, it really became redundant with what Taichi and Inaba are going to do in the next arc, if you know which part I'm talking about that is. Not to mention, as I've already said a billion times before, it lessens the set up for Iori's break down...

Ugh... = =;

Originally Posted by s07195 View Post
Those two seemed to get together really quick and offhandedly in the last few pages. Also, I wonder if they're gonna animate parts of this arc in Iori's POV. The arc would lose a lot of impact without it.
Wait who are we talking about again?
Anyway about the anime I would hope so too... though the chances are...

Originally Posted by s07195 View Post
Yeah, of course they wouldn't... Wait, they haven't met before? Did Taichi ever say that he was in a relationship with her?
He did mention to imouto that he has a girlfriend he treasures, though he never specified who. Apparently both Taichi and Inaban have finally met each other's family in this new volume. I even heard rumors about Inaban's brother's conversation with Taichi being incredibly hilarious.

Originally Posted by s07195 View Post
EDIT2: Sorry, won't be able to update the translation until I get some of my required projects out of the way first... hoping I can get back to Kizu Random soon.
Appreciate every bit of help so no worries

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