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I think Postseason 1 has the opportunity to change everything. Shana loses now, but she will no doubt come back 105% in Postseason 2. You can say the same for other characters. If for some reason Kanade gets upset now, then that might be enough to let her win the tiara! Saber might look strong, but by winning early she gets a huge target on her back. On the other side, because she exhibits that she has the ability to beat top-tier contestants, people may use her to "anti-vote" another strong contestant when they would usually not bother to.

In ISML the "dark horse" label might not make a lot of sense, but the strongest person not receiving all the attention may win it all. Last year, we all knew Mikoto was strong, but she was never a threat to win the tiara because everyone basically take for granted Kanade will win it all. Who is it this year? Not many people seem to be talking about Taiga or Eucliwood. Taiga has always been strong. Eucliwood shows that she didn't underperform yet, unlike Kanade vs. Kobato. But the characters who seem to always do better somehow in postseason based on history are Kuroneko and Yuki. I would not write any of those 4 off, especially if there is enough hate for Mikoto, Kanade, and Shana to get eliminated fast in Postseason 2.
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