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Well, for starters nobody has been raped

take that image with you while you try to sleep.
Doujins got that covered. Take that image with you while you sleep.

I'm not surprised at Gen's comment. It makes sense if you remember the "conversation" she had with Mami and Kyouko after she made her wish. It also ties in with other statements: Homura crying that her fate was worse than death, Kyubey's "incorrect" assumptions about the nature of the wish and his mention that they couldn't figure out why the gems simply disappear, which suggests that Incubator "scientists" are working on uncovering that "problem". And of course Madoka makes a vague mention of an even bigger miracle "soon". The universe without Madoka is clearly a minor improvement over the ones with her (sounds bad saying that, but it's true), and the impression I got after months of reflecting on it is that it was at best a stopgap universe careening toward a destructive ending just like the others. Homura is fighting the good fight but it is still borrowed time.

The ending to the series leaves a lot of room to explore the question of Madoka's (and the others) true fate, if hope can truly prevail over despair, etc. I have no doubt that much crying and bittersweet feelings will happen, but Gen has proven that he has the capability of writing about complicated themes.
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