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In all seriousness, I feel a generic "Be yourself" won't be sufficient. People don't mean ill will when they judge you. They have only their learning and experience to guide themselves on and have an idea of what is supposed to be "proper". Requiring them to accept you would take time and interest, which unless they are close relatives or friends, they wouldn't give you more than the most superficial hints of tolerance. Thus, no, you can't be whatever you want whenever you want, because it's much more easier to regulate yourself then to expand the minds of others. Unfortunate, but that's how it goes.

However, this is your own room, outside the public domain. If you can't be free here, then you can't be free anywhere else. I also assume that people you let into your room will understand you more, and you can adjust as needed.

As for everyone else; well, if they wanted to not like you, nothing will change. They'll find a reason to not like you anyways. But that's okay; most of the people you come across you have no use for, and acting socially acceptable is simply the tool we need to get whatever use we have from those that aren't willing to accept you for who you are. None of that applies when you're in your own room. They can go back to their own room and fuck themselves. (which they will, most likely to 2-d pictures of "real" people but it's still an image )

Tl;dr Let the willfully ignorant remain ignorant. Truth to them would be like poison, and it's not up to you to compensate for what they lack.
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