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Many people naturally would like to see this animation quality and attention to detail applied to more than just "iyashikei slow-paced SoLs". While good animation quality can be appreciated almost anywhere, I can't think of a genre that needs it less than "iyashikei slow-paced SoLs". Whereas animation quality is massively important to an action-packed show.
It's important to consider that one of the reasons they've maintained this quality is because of the style of shows they're doing. Maintaining this perceived level of quality in an action-packed show would almost certainly take a significantly larger animation budget. If you perceive that they're operating within a certain niche, it's also the case that this "niche" has been very good to them. So it isn't necessarily clear that their "branching out" will be rewarded by the market (even if it would meet the approval of some fans of the other genre).

While I can understand the position Warm Mist is subscribing too that basically "it'd be cool" to see what they could do in vastly different styles and genres, I also find it hard to fault their business strategy on the whole. Even within the styles of shows they do, they seem to find lots of opportunities to let their artists experiment and try various things, and that's probably a lot more prudent then the alternative (even if it's less interesting to those who value that sort of variety over the current sort of consistency).
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