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Yes, I have seen many people say that Takemoto didn't want to ever do mecha again. But never once I have seen an actual source for those claims, so if you have one, kindly provide it.

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While good animation quality can be appreciated almost anywhere, I can't think of a genre that needs it less than "iyashikei slow-paced SoLs". Whereas animation quality is massively important to an action-packed show.
Subsidiating animation quality to the genre of a show is not healthy. Good animation is always good animation, animation functional to the narrative is welcomed in every genre there can be.
For me, Hyouka wouldn't be such a masterpiece if the animation and visuals didn't tie in with the character development. You can not only hear of, but actually see the changes in the characters over time, thanks to their expressions and body language. That's something I find only Hyouka did well amongst Kyoani shows, and I'm struggling to think of another anime by any studio that manages to do this.
I don't think laid back shows deserve less animation than action packed shows. Every show, no matter what it is, deserves the full effort of the people producing it.

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a lot of foreign (i.e. non-Japanese) anime fans because we tend to focus more on TV shows
Fair point. I still think that if KnK were a 26 episode series, nobody would complain about ufotable not doing lighthearted comedies. This may tie back to what you said above, since a lot of people seem to think good production values are only ok if the show is fantasy/sci-fi action.

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Also, some people simply don't like the K-On character design style. Many of those same people are fine with Ghibli character design style.
I'm entirely okay with that. My problem is with people complaining that Kyoani always use the K-On! design for everything. This is simply not true, and there's no two ways about it. That's why I said nobody complains about Ghibli, because it feels like it's just a half-assed argument to attack a studio with no basis.

Now, I'm sure the resemblance between, say, K-On! and Chuunibyou is much more than the resemblance between Chihayafuru and Crasshern Sins, both by MADHOUSE. But that's because of how Kyoani is structured. When you have the same relatively small group of people drawing only one product and adhering to one design, as opposed to freelancing and juggling between 3/4 of the season's productions, their drawing style is inevitably going to be influenced by this design. Traces of AIR and Kanon (and even Munto) can be seen in Haruhi 2006, and this goes right back to Clannad.
I know that they're by the same designer, but Lucky Star and K-On! share a lot of similarities, and K-On! can have some Haruhi-ish and Key-ish touches at times. I've seen expressions very similar to Nichijou in Chuunibyou, and of course, Hyouka is not really THAT far of previous Kyoani designs. Their workforce is very constant, and thus their art can be very inbred at times. But the core designs and artstyles are different for K-On! and every production after it (except Tamako Market for obvious reasons).

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I'm very close to these viewpoints myself. I'd put Hyouka amongst the top 5 or 6 anime shows of the year, and Chuunibyou has been very good. I also like your ideas for how KyoAni could branch out.
I don't think Kyoani will be producing highschool-themed shows forever, not even for much longer. Tamako Market, while being set in contemporary Kyoto, is supposed to take place more at the city (shopping district) than the school, and while all the other setting resemblances can and probably will still be there, it's a change from what they've been doing.
They're branching out in the sense of doing less and less adapations, and more original content. And you can't really not branch out when making original shows, with the director's creative vision being ideally unrestricted. All these CMs they are very lively and seem like whoever animated them enjoying working on them, so that's another factor.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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