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Should a certain someone had stayed in England and just kept doing what she was already great at? Or should she had challenged herself by taking up a different art form in another country, and possibly expanding her talents in the process?
"She" should do what she feels is best for her without caring about what the "critics" think (because she's responsible for managing the talent she was given, and looking out for her own future). And that's pretty much what she did in the end anyway. Kyoto Animation too.

At least I'm consistent...

(And here I was purposefully trying not to go there...)

Edit: Honestly, though, I really don't feel that invested either way. If they do something I like, I buy it, if not, I don't. So that's my small part in influencing things as far as it goes. The production committee structure puts enough checks and balances that they probably won't ever do any production that will bankrupt them (because they wouldn't invest that much in such a risk anyway). I guess I'm just not the sort of person who worries about a studio doing productions that don't interest me.

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