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So people in the position to manage great talent should close themselves off from outside advice entirely? They should only listen to those who agree with them, and disregard different opinions?

Ultimately, I think that a much more balanced and prudent approach is for those managing great talent to carefully consider the different opinions voiced to them on how to use that talent, to hopefully arrive at the best possible choice(s).
Kyoto Animation is ultimately constrained by the bottom line anyway, and that is the great balancing factor. They have hundreds of employees who are now, in a way, depending on the business decisions of the company (of course they can leave and seek other jobs as well). So, in the end, there are opinions they are naturally forced to listen to as part of their desire to grow and thrive as a business: the opinions of those who pay the bills. The voice of the end-customer is a key part of that equation, but that's expressed more through sales than random people opining on the Internet that they think they should be more "artistically diverse" just because. I have more faith in their own ability to navigate the difficult business decisions they face than in our ability to tell them what they're doing wrong. So yes, if I were them, I would disregard certain opinions, including honestly many of those expressed in this thread. The voices they need to listen to most are those of their employees, and those of their customers. Self-appointed Internet pundits? Not so much...
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