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That has nothing to do with state rights and everything to do with idiot neo-cons who can't accept that they lost on the national level and are now trying to continue their damage at a state level. It doesn't have anything to do with any federal regulations, but specificly the state environmental regulations.
It is about another form of tax being pushed as an environmental bill. This bill is based on junk partisan political backed science. If it indeed was for helping the environment (if it needs help) and the true science actually supported the goals, many would be for it as opposed. The only thing this bill does is give the federal government more power over the states by regulation and the people by taxation.

If it did cover anything else, it'd be unconstitutional. Section 8 of the constitution grants the power to regulate commerce to the federal government. Surely something like this would be covered under that. So it still wouldn't be about state rights, and be about idiot neo-cons who can't accept that they lost.
The Fedzilla only has the authority to regulate interstate commerce, not all commerce. Intrastate commerce is for each individual State to regulate, so yes, this could end up being a States rights issue.

The Congress shall have power . . . To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes
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