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Ok let's get back down to basics.
This is about the Cap and Trade bill that passed the US House of Representatives on Jun 26. Then I made a post about a bill that passed the senate in Arizona that does allow them to overturn state environmental nonsense from last year if it passes their house and their govenor signs it. It also says specifically says, "A passage could also give the state means to challenge the federal government in court over the proposed Waxman-Markey bill, which would put over $1,600 in yearly costs on American citizens to cut carbon emissions."

Do you understand that now? It's a legal basis for Arizona to challenge the CAP & Trade bill based on Arizona's own legislation. It becomes a MAJOR state issue at that point. Further, what part of the Constitution gives the fedzilla the power to enact federal guidelines over how much carbon you can produce, or better yet, how energy efficient a home in Texas is as opposed to Michigan? There isn't one. Those are state issues that the states have the right to rule over, not Washington DC.
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