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Originally Posted by Joojoobees View Post
I poked around online and didn't find much info about the anime -- almost everything I saw was about the source game.

Here is a link to what looks like the anime's website, though:
That's definitely is not the anime website (team e-co's site should be primarily maintaining music/sound CDs). So far, it has yet to have an anime official website. And we only get small sketches for the anime (unless Girl's Style or B's Log hold some preview) up until now.

Staffs and Seiyuus are already confirmed though-they use the game's seiyuu with Kuwashima Houko as the main lead (Yukimura Chizuru). Other than these and very little small sketches, nothing. No PV, not even a trace of screenshot. Anyone can make Hakuoki thread, but bear in mind that there is only so little info available. Story premise should be resembling the game, so... There?

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