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Originally Posted by Yamiken View Post
Well, "awkward" was perhaps the wrong word. What I meant was that she's not forward sexually, tending instead to get embarrassed in such situations. Which, like I say, is something a lot of guys, particularly among anime fans, seem to prefer to its converse for some reason.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Kallen here. I like her, and she certainly has her place in the great Lelouch harem. I'm just having a slight whinge about Milly's lack of popularity in comparison, as I feel she's under-appreciated, even if she is a more minor character.

Well, according to a certain portion of the fandom, that's exactly what he did... :P

On a more serious note, I personally don't see incest as a moral taboo. Which isn't to say I'm attracted to any of my own relatives (I'm not, let me assure you), but I think if someone is, there's no good reason to tell them they can't go there, so long as the usual constrains of consent and so forth are applied.

In short, Lelouch x Euphie is a-okay with me. And even, dare I say it, semi-canonical. Certainly, Lelouch's final words to her (in his head, at least) were... ambiguous to say the last. But I'm not the sort to get involved in debates on 'canon', as you may hopefully have gathered, so I certainly won't press this point to those who disagree with it.
Not much of a harem when you consider how everything turned out.

That's just fanfiction, I saw nothing of it other than him careing for her because they grew up together and she had a good heart. Euphie geniuelly wanted to make the same world that Lelouch wanted to make for Nunnally and they would have succeeded had his geass not gone out of control. Even Schniezel was willing to let Euphie have a chance at making that world possible and her death it effected everyone that knew her and made everything go down a spiral of sadness and hate.
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