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Haha. On the other hand, things like
Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
That reminds me of the short story in Newtype magazine where Lelouch describes Kallen as being "crab-headed."
The story was written by Okouchi, so it is official.
And the Kallen part is a pick-on of her fans.
Very funny.
It also describes Lelouch's "funny feelings" for Shirley, obviously meaning he loves her.
It's also interesting that the story is Lelouch telling CC this very personal dream he had.
demonstrate how Lelouch x Shirley was the single Lelouch/Code Geass pairing which carried the most literary intention/narrative significance/meaning. Identifying Lelouch's personal dream as a simple life of happiness with his friends and loved ones, as well as Lelouch's unwavering readiness to sacrifice himself for the sake of those simple dreams/happiness for others--the roots of Lelouch's growth and development can all be traced back to Shirley above all. For Lelouch, the person who taught him to value people's dreams and happiness was Shirley--but furthermore, the person who embodied Lelouch's own dream and personal happiness of his "gentle life" at Ashford, was also Shirley herself.

From my perspective, it's alright if fanbases at large go on and circlejerk over Kallen x Lelouch or C.C. x Lelouch or Harem x Lelouch or whatever. However, they manage to do so solely on the basis of popularity, lol. As far as the matter of literary merit and the intention of narrative significance Okouchi put into the series is concerned, let me submit that, of all the romantic relationships thrown into the series, Lelouch x Shirley stands above all.
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