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Originally Posted by Yamiken View Post
Of course the harem isn't canon. I'm just saying, if I'm going to get into shipping of any kind, which by its very nature tends to at best view canon rather selectively, I like the idea of Lelouch getting it on with everyone. Because, hell, they're all into him, so why restrict the fun? :P

Like I say, I'm not going to get caught up debating what's 'canon' and what isn't. Canonically, all relationships in Code Geass are at best able to be doubted. But I don't see why that matters. If a pairing appeals you to, and you can see a way to make it work, why does it matter if someone else views things differently? Just let your own fantasies remain your own and others' own remain their own.
No, there was a harem in the making it was just never realized because circumstance got in the way of it. As for why? Because some things just don't fit the character. Like if some says that Gino and Suzaku were lovers and lived happily ever after when R2 finished they would be wrong no matter how much they want it to be true.
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