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great episode for me....

I like how Horizon destroyed Tres Espana's reasoning in simple statements... great job!

I don't really get why Elizabeth choose Musashi.... I mean... PA ODA offers a better squad (thousands of undead!) while Musashi only offer a fleet.... umm... Musashi's fleet shouldn't be more than those undeads
but well, P.A ODA won't be pissed off and fight England because they should obey the history

Asama is so cute.... being sacrificed like that in front of important people....
aww... how can she use that scary weapon as dakimakura... lol

seeing Avalon make some prediction that there will be a time when people understand well the apocalypse... and that will make all of nation stopped in 'doing this history stuff' and start to work together to prevent it (or even fight each other)

Toori's 'pole dance' isn't really funny for me... the funny part is Oxford Student Council students are watching him calmly while Elizabeth rushing to stop him... hahaha

I bet that Double Bloody Mary is the older sister.... they can easily swap because of that "Anglican incident" so I think the older sister sacrificed herself to take Mary position

and Tenzou... omg... that's cool, man! umm... Please tell me when did Tenzou got that 'new scar'... is it from fight with that "invicible sword" samurai?
and he'll make an announcement at the end of arc.... please.... let it be a marriage announcement... xD
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