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Thousands of undead doesn't mean that much: actually, they are only undead, so the only advantage would be their sheer numbers.

Musashi's fleet also includes their officers, which means: A god of War, 2 witches, a Divine Weapon wielder, a Miko, enormous ether reserve with a special supplier, several special agents etc.
Also, most of them have contracts with Shinto Gods, an ability for Musashi Residents that allows them to use shinto spells, and relying on offerings instead of only ether (that was considered by both Muneshige and Gin as a very troublesome point in season 1).
Finally, they have Horizon and her DSA, which alone trumps whatever Toshiie can pretend to offer.

Really, Musashi's firepower is by far much more destructive and useful than Toshiie undead army, which is why everyone in the meeting room were shocked to hear that, while Elizabeth was plenty satisfied with it.
Having a DSA is already a huge factor in battle, so a nation with 2 of them would definitely have an edge in a war, especially considering the one Horizon currently has, while Tres Espana will not be able to use their Testament Arma, so they would be stuck with only Byakko and their agents, and without any DSA to back their own army.

And no, that scar Tenzou got was when he shielded Mary when the convoy ship crashed in England, to which she was supposed to have healed it completely during the bath scene.
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