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Originally Posted by monir
Long ago people settled down on the moon and established a kingdom there, the Sphere Kingdom. However, relations to the earth cooled down and were finally broken off since a war was fought hundreds of years ago. There isn`t any business between the two races and travelling isn`t allowed. The only link between them is to be found in the Mitsurugasaki Central Port City.

However, one day the princess of the moon kingdom, Feena Fam Arshurait, is sent on a "homestay" to the earth. She gets to stay at Asagiri Tatsuya`s house. And this is where her task of learning the customs and lifestyle of the earth begins.
Um... anyone else feeling a scent of a mutilated and moe-fied Turn-A Gundam storyline in this description? In addition to heavy doses of Urusei Yatsura...

Moon Kingdom... Broken relations... Moon Princess coming to Earth...

Not that I am going to watch this, but I thought the description was eerily familiar. 8) I guess nothing is original anymore...
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