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Originally Posted by Voitan View Post
That's a deservice to Ryuuji's character. I don't think he thinks Ami or anyone for that matter in such harsh terms, nor really deserving such a putdown either, otherwise what does that spell for Taiga?
Nah see, Taiga was honest.

Violent mind you, but completely honest.

Ami was / is a two faced attention whore, and while I agree he doesn't think of her that way, at this point he's beyond the means of likely thinking otherwise. It's more like he doesn't really think much of her, but not in a demeaning manner.

That part about her being a bitch was just my personality leeking out somewhat.


That's a bit arrogant to think that classic old stories of young adults figuring out love on their own while getting in many false starts and tangled affairs, as garbage.
Classic old stories of young adults?


What are you talking about?

I'm refering to the same old harem crap we've had shoved down our throats for years now. Nothing but straight up garbage.

I'd drop the elitist attitude and just tune out any of the people you dislike and just enjoy the show. If people like to celebrate one of the characters over your personal favorite fine, but this is becoming more transparent that some people have an urge to putdown others for their preference. Stop it.
I don't have a personal favorite, and frankly put I said that the show would be better enjoyed if it wasn't taken in that matter, in which I'm right. I didn't put anyone else down for wanting to 'cheer' for a certain character, it's just this show isn't being created in that fashion, so they're getting much less out of it, and well, kinda missing the whole point of what makes this show so amazing to begin with. Toradora is offering equal amounts of love and honest development to all its characters, instead of lining them up on a race track to chase after the robotic bunny.

I offered a suggestion, there was no malice or otherwise behind it.
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