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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
@Voitan:One can try to model Toradora as a 'harem style romance comedy'
I though, from my dire need to see people respected, feel like people aren't coming to the show, championing their ideal choice, are coming because they're treating the show like a harem anime.

We see Toradora a lot in teen drama shows. There is a tangled web of relationships and multiple love interests in these shows, and they're not something as supposedly disreputable, or percieved to be shallow as, a Harem Anime.

And I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt that they're looking at this show in not some misguided way.

Originally Posted by KeitaroNagato View Post
I always love your inputs, and references to Toradora! And everyone else here too. Even thou you are new, but we all feel the same with each other. 2nd Hi-5.... Slap!!!
Well, I say... You know, just to make sure I'm not as dense as Ryuuji here, you're not coming onto me now are you? /amimpersonation
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