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"Those important threads," says the winking NSW! [Look-see]

Here in the following lists all those important threads that were created in various occasion to make the Forum & Site Feedback section of the forum more accessible to the AnimeSuki forum-goers:
  • Reputation Faq
    It explains the purpose of that mysterious icon . Rumor has it, the button gives out cookies. Click on the above FAQ to read about it in detail.
    This feature has been discontinued.
  • Want to suggest a new Series Discussion forum? See here!
    Read this FAQ to understand the way the staff decide which series will get sub-forums, and why we don't take recommendations.
  • AnimeSuki RSS & XML
    This thread explains how to extract information in XML format, and how to get the RSS feed for the AnimeSuki's main page
  • Seen a big, intrusive or explicit advert? Let us know!
    If you have seen an unwanted pop-up ad when visiting AnimeSuki's main page or the forum, then let us know about it by posting in the thread above.
  • Moderator Comings & Goings
    Announcements such as about a newly appointed moderator, or if a moderator is leaving, are made into this thread.
  • Got problems posting? No activation e-mail?
    If you have problems posting after registering to the AnimeSuki forum, then please take a look at the above thread.
  • Torrent Listing Corrections
    If you spot any mistake on the listing of a particular torrent that is listed in AnimeSuki's main page, then please report it in the thread above.
  • Infraction Faq
    So... you have received an infraction/warning from a moderator and now you are curious to know more about infraction. Good news! Infraction Faq has a Q&A session to satisfy those curious few.

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