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As expected, the ED "Brave Song" is much preferred. The lyrics is also very interesting. Basically, the whole song is about how the singer keeps walking forward by herself, seemingly being strong (in heart), sniffing at all kinds of reasons why she shouldn't do so, but when it comes to the last 3 lines:


"Someday I will be living somewhere, with the memories of days spent with everyone left behind
At that time I won't be strong anymore
I will just be sobbing like a weak normal girl"

That reminds me of "hope", the title background music of Tomoyo After (also written by Maeda Jun), except that bgm sounded opposite to the title right from the beginning, while in this one, the protagonist does try to pretend to be strong through the majority of the song, only spilling her true feelings at the very end. Marvellous song, just marvellous. As much as I hate to translate lyrics, I'm quite tempted to do so for this song.
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