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@ used can

I'll list some of Itsuwa's info so you migt get some Idea about her :3

- She's usually shy. (yes, usually)
- She's got romantic feelings for Touma
- There's a strong possibility that she's above 18 year of age since she could operate motorcycles, mini-boat and even a helicopter. (If it happens that she have a License for them. Which, would make her older than Touma :3)
- She uses Friulian spear in combat.
- She's quite well endowed, according to Tatemiya Saiji
- A great cook too. (She even makes Maika treat her as a rival. Remeber that Maika is First class maid-in-training.)
- She respects Kanzaki Kaori as their priestess but according to her, she wont give up Touma to their priestess :3 ("...ganbarimasu!")
- Now, she's quite scary when she's pissed; her manner of speaking changes drastically and she becomes aggressive. (Is it just me who thinks that girls from Amakusa Catholicism change their personalities drastically when they're pissed? " 'ruse-ndayo doshirouto ga!" - Kanzaki Kaori)

WEll, one things for sure, she's a great girl :3

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