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Final VOTE!! Autumn Banner Contest 2004

Welcome to the final round. The rules are simple. 1 grand prize winner and 2 runner ups will be chosen. These three winners will all be displayed at the top of the forum. (Though we don't promise not to display any others we choose.) The banner with the highest number of votes will be the grand prize winner. A moderator (Hellychan) may not win the grand prize. No single contestant may win twice (that means Hellychan and OMchan). The poll will automatically close in exactly 5 days on September 21st, the day before the first of Autumn. Without further ado, here are the contestants!

Ambience Blue - 05

anbu_33 - 07

ChibiDusk - 11

Hellychan - 23

Hellychan - 24

Mantidor - 33

MidoriShinobi - 35

OMchan - 38

OMchan - 39

OMchan - 40

Oneesama - 41

Wandering_Youth - 57

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